Ignis Boiler Services

Powerflush Services

Cold spots on radiators, kettling boiler, intermittent hot water or radiators not working ? All these are just some of the problems that can be caused by the build up of magnetite sludge in a central heating system. At Ignis, our engineers have carried out hundreds of powerflushes so we know how to get the best results. We use Kamco cf40 machines with magnate attachment which is considered one of the most effective on the market. Our prices are fully inclusive of all chemicals so there is no hidden extras. Your system will be flushed with a chemical cleaner one radiator at a time to achieve maximum flow and clear any debris or potential blockages. Your system will then be dosed with the correct amount of inhibitor to help prevent future sludge build up. Finally, the system will then be balanced to achieve an even flow of heat to all radiators.

Powerflush upto 7 radiators - £275

Each additional radiator - £10