Ignis Boiler Services

Magnetic Filter Installation

At Ignis we like to offer all we can to help protect your boiler and the installation of a magnetic filter is one of most effective, long term ways to do so; we are even registered with the Adey installers club. The filter itself is a small canister housing a strong magnate which is connected onto the return pipework of your boiler. It works by quite simply collecting any flakes of metal and magnetite sludge that may have built up inside the system and prevents it from flowing back through your boiler and blocking up or damaging expensive components. Then when required (normally once a year as part of the boiler service) the two isolating valves are turned off and the magnate can be removed and cleaned giving a good indication of the condition of your system, along with long lasting protection.

Fully fitted Salus Mag Defender - £135

Fully fitted Adey Magnaclean Pro 2 - £205

*Please note all prices are based on a standard installation. In some cases extra materials or labour may be required. If this is the case, the engineer on site will be able to discuss this with you.