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How to top up pressure on boiler...

Many modern heating systems are sealed and require a minimum pressure in order to operate. If you notice your radiators have not heated up or you have got no hot water then low system pressure could be the cause. Often boilers will run down to a minimum pressure of around 0.5 bar but once they drop below this they will lock out and display a fault code. Most systems will have two valves with a flexible braided hose connecting them often found below the boiler, in the airing cupboard or in the back of a cupboard below boiler.

1. Turn off heating/hot water, ensure no pumps are running and that system has cooled down

2. Reconnect braided flexi hose if removed

3.Locate manual or digital pressure gauge on boiler

4. Slowly open up both valves using flat head screwdriver or by turning the black levers

5.​ Check system pressure and slowly increase to between 1/1.5 bar

6. Once correct pressure is reached ensure both valves are fully closed to prevent over pressurising 

7. Remove braided hose to prevent any backflow issues from heating system to cold mains

8. Test boiler and reset if necessary, if problems continue please feel free to get in touch via phone, email or using the contact us forms at the bottom of this page 

Below is a helpful video from Worcester on how to top up system pressure.

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