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How to clean a magnetic filter...

At Ignis we recommend the installation of a magnetic filter however they do require periodic maintenance. Every heating system will have magnetite sludge in it some more than others the filters job is to sit inline on the pipework and collect this sludge and prevent it from passing through the boilers vital components. They help to prevent costly repairs and reduce boiler down time so keeping them cleaned out regularly is important.
  1. Turn off heating/hot water, ensure no pumps are running and that system has cooled down 

  2. Isolate the filter by turning the two valves to the off position

  3. Drain pressure from canister via the bleed valve or drain valve

  4. Remove lid using spanner provided

  5. Clean magnate off 

  6. Replace magnate and lid and tighten hand tight 

  7. Re open the isolating valves

  8. Open bleed valve to remove air from canister 

  9. Re pressurise system if necessary and check for around lid to ensure a water tight seal has been made

Rather leave it to us? Our local gas engineers can conduct a filter clean as part of our standard boiler service.
Below is a helpful video from Worcester on how to Clean a magnetic filter (all filters are slightly different but are cleaned in a similar way)
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